The Ann Arbor Real Estate Investors Club News & Events Page

The A2REIC is an Ann Arbor, Michigan based Real Estate Investment MEETUP Group that puts education and learning first.  Their philosophy is based on learning how to do it the right way, as a team.  The group puts on a series of highly praised Meetings, with guest speakers (not sales pitches), Workshops (with monthly themes), and a series of Classes (REcapS) that is on the cutting edge of Real Estate Investing.

Meetings:  Held every 1st and 3rd Tuesday, and 2nd Saturday of every month  ( See website for times and specific dates)

Workshops:  Held every 4th Saturday of every month.  Sign up for our mailing list and you will be notified of upcoming events, times and pricing.

Locations:   Workshops are held at The Ann Arbor Board-Realtors, 1919 West Stadium Boulevard, Ann Arbor, MI 

The A2REIC  Workshop Schedule: *

January Workshop: “Planning & Building Your Power Team”  – 1/31/2015
February Workshop:  “Flipping Contracts” – 2/28/2015
March Workshop:  Financing Options” – 3/28/2015
April Workshop:  Market Analysis – 4/25/2015
May Workshop:  Rehabbing” – 5/30/2015
June Workshop:  “Property Analysis” – 6/27/2015
July Workshop:  “Lease Options & Land Contracts” – 7/25/2015
August Workshop:  “Using the Internet” – 8/29/2015
September Workshop: “Entrance & Exit Strategies:  Getting in and Getting Out” – 9/26/2015
October Workshop:  “Property Management” – 10/31/2015
November Workshop:  “Action Plans” – 11/28/2015
December Workshop:  “Celebrate 2015, Plan for 2016” – Date TBD

For more Information you can contact Joe at joe@recapsystem.com or sign up for our mailing list.


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