1 on 1 Mentorship Program Description

Note:  We limit the number of Mentorships we do at one time

What makes a Perfect System and why is it critical to real estate investors?  The REcapS is a perfect system by being both self-sustaining and repeatable.

We explain how the three individual self sustaining mini-systems lead to each other and thus makes the entire System a perfect self-sustaining, repeatable system.
REcapS is great for those with very little funds available since in most cases funds are never spent…just rented for a short period of time because when investment funds are used they are  returned with the profits.
 All Systems discussed are based on the ability to analyze properties correctly.   Analysis success is based on your ability to remain disciplined and unemotional.  Numbers don’t lie…so don’t argue with them…you will always lose.

Module order and content is based on making your way through the system from beginning to the end.   Each Module will describe the basics of the part of the system we are focused on.    We use real life property examples showing how to use this information.  Each Module will discuss one of the Circles and will include:

  • Finding properties,
  • Compiling info/research,
  • Analysis of a property focusing on the different options for applying the info gained here,
  • Decision making,
  • Making Offers (What, how, when and why…or why not)*****Learn how to not get discouraged when your offers are not being accepted…and, most importantly, why you don’t rationalize your numbers to make a deal you shouldn’t make*****
  • Following through
  • Exit strategies. 
  • Why we say Exit Strategies…as in plural.Risk controls
  • The SSRM module and why this is a very important element in the system leading to a long range investment plan.

Note:  We limit the number of Mentorships we do at one time

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