While we’re all obviously looking to connect with new clients for our businesses and MeetUp groups, we’re also looking forward to building a “go-to” network of professional referral partners. Once connected,we look forward to interacting online, and building a professional relationship either in-person, on Skype, and via phone. Lets help each other!

Joe Villeneuve

Published Author of three books, and many articles, Joe is also a co-organizer of the Ann Arbor Area Real Estate Investors Club and teaches the RECAPS (Real Estate Cash Flow and Profit Systems) classes. Since he started, Joe has been developing systems that take care of the management issues as well as the risk factors that are built into real estate investing.  He believes you can never eliminate the risk, but you can surely reduce it dramatically.  Joe has been designing energy efficient homes since 1980 when he graduated from Lawrence Institute of Technology, with a degree in Architecture.  For ten years, he was the featured speaker at a national seminar focused on educating both home owners and builders on the merits and methods of energy efficient home design and construction.  Joe has branched off into custom renderings providing photo realistic renderings, inside and out, of homes before and after construction.  One of the biggest things he has learned is the amount of time, energy and money the management side takes on a residential project.

Terry Penny

Terry has been in the real estate field since 1992, when she started as a realtor and went on to be a successful investor.  She has bought, leased, managed and sold dozens of single family homes and commercial properties.  She agrees that “cash flow is the key” when it comes to real estate investments, as values continue to fluctuate across the country.  Her organizational skills, management experience and attention to details have always been a strong asset to our team.  Terry is also a co-organizer of the Ann Arbor Area Real Estate Investors Club and teaches the RECAPS (Real Estate Cash Flow and Profit Systems) classes.

Brian Bundesen

The late, great Zig Ziglar said: “The best way to get what you want, is to help others get what they want.” And, boy does Brian have a plateful of opportunities to help folks in a wide variety of ways. Whether its helping people buy or sell residential or investment real estate in Southeast Michigan, helping people and businesses with great affordable legal services, helping folks detox their homes, helping people make connections through networking, or helping people learn about investment real estate. Brian also spend time helping folks enjoy sports events at the University of Michigan. He has a diverse background, knowledge base, and much experience, and would love the opportunity to help you!.  Brian  is the original organizer of the Ann Arbor Area Real Estate Investors Club and teaches the RECAPS (Real Estate Cash Flow and Profit Systems) classes too.


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