“Couldn’t say enough good things”

“Working with Terry and Joe had been an exceptional experience. To start off, they took me through a full mentorship program so I could fully understand the real estate landscape in our local area. Next, they helped me identify and purchase my first hold property under market price. Lastly, we have partnered on a deal together that was very profitable! Couldn’t say enough good things”.

Mike C


“NEVER have I found the workshops a disappointment or have they short change me for the money”

“I have attended workshops by Rich Dad Poor Dad and found Ann Arbors workshops provided much more for your $. Your Will find timely information for our metro markets and local people to team with that will work with you at any level you are at. They can provide you with a system for real estate investing that will take you on a successful path no matter what your objectives or needs are.  NEVER have I found the workshops a disappointment or have they short change me for the money”.

Nick K.


“The workshop has accelerated my learning curve and boosted my confidence 10 fold!”

“**Update** 2 weeks ago I graduated from the ReCaps workshop, and truth be told, I am working towards my first flip deal! The workshop has accelerated my learning curve and boosted my confidence 10 fold! Last week I established my parent LLC and in the works of setting up my child LLC’s. It is worth learning the multiple strategies of reducing risk and understanding, that when done correctly on a spreadsheet, the numbers don’t lie when evaluating a property. Thank you! Thank You, Joe Villeneuve! You are truly an endless well of knowledge and an inspiration! I can’t thank you enough! I have been to several real estate investment MeetUp’s, and by far, the Ann Arbor MeetUp is hands down the most educational! Brian Bundesen, thank you for leading our MeetUp’s! Your humble guidance, real estate experience, and leadership encourages me to stay focused when there are too many shinny objects around, thank you! Terry, thank you for not keeping your wisdom and experience about real estate investments a secret! It was great.”

“Interactive learning experience”

“Here is my assessment of the ReCAPS classes.  I have gone through these classes twice.  Each time, I have learned an immense amount of valuable information and techniques for investing in real estate…and continue to collaborate to improve the education offered and create a more interactive learning experience.
The interactive assignments that we participated in really solidified the material being taught throughout the curriculum.  I really appreciate the amount of detail that each instructor goes into and the quality of information being taught.  None of you is content to let anything slip through the cracks.  If an individual doesn’t quite grasp a certain concept then more time is given to that particular piece.  I have truly learned more than I even imagined when I first signed up.  I feel confident, moving forward, that I will limit my risk and also my mistakes.  Let’s face it though, mistakes will still occur, that’s how we learn, but I feel better equipped to handle any potential pitfalls that I may encounter as I also limit the possibility for such encounters in the future of my business.  I also look forward to participating in/with these classes moving forward.  I feel there is always more to be learned and what better way to accomplish that than by sticking with the best overall product I have seen out there.
I know that a lot of the “gurus” offer coaching/education but they can’t beat the value of what is being taught with the ReCAPS system and classes.  For starters, you probably don’t charge enough for this education and secondly, by offering the opportunity to partner with the instructors in JV opportunities and receive a credit that nearly equals the total investment of the education in the first place upon the completion of the first JV deal, this truly is the best real estate/investing education out there”.
Stephen W.
“Following the bread crumbs to success”
“As a former Realtor and current licensed Michigan Builder, I feel competent to comment on the quality of instruction I received in the REcapS course.  The various methods and “systems” revealed in the course just served to demonstrate the numerous possibilities that exist, if you only put your mind to it.
Working backward, from your exit strategy is probably the best lesson learned.  Coupled with the end lesson on the grouping of pairs and assignments for meeting a sale/buy transaction were invaluable.  I loved the bit about “following the crumbs” back to your starting point, its so true.
I feel any group or individual(s) who take this course and instruction will benefit immensely”.
Paul E. K.

“Each time I learned, or maybe just retained, more information”.

“I have taken the REcapS classes two times.  Each time I learned, or maybe just retained, more information.  I currently use much of what I learned in my business.  In less than a year I went from no real estate assets to over a $1.25m in funded deals and I wouldn’t have been able to sustain this kind of grow if I didn’t feel comfortable with my knowledge and REcapS gave me that knowledge.

By the way, I particularly learned a lot from the role playing exercise Joe created…”

Robert J A.

“This class has helped me prepare for all aspects of real estate investing”

“The REcapS class has been a very motivational and educational experience for me. As a brand new and inexperienced investor, I have taken away many fundamental principles from Joe, Terry, and the other classmates. As a group, we have learned from each other and gained the understanding of how important it is to have a team and community or network of other investors to be successful. The knowledge base from this group has went well beyond paying tens of thousands of dollars to be involved with a national group or class. These mentors and fellow investors are local and know the … market, and are willing to share advice and experiences so that others can gain and learn; not because they afraid of competition or losing deals, but because they will be more successful if we are successful. They offer many resources and tips and tricks so that we do not to have to recreate the wheel. This class has helped me prepare for all aspects of real estate investing; from understanding funding to title work and evaluating deals; from legal issues to rehab cost. I highly recommend this class for gaining a basic knowledge to real estate investing, and to gain motivation and confidence that you really can do it; it’s only as hard as you make it! “
Jen C.

“The value of these classes is, in my opinion, inestimable”

“To those thinking about taking recaps classes, Come to these classes with an open mind and be blown away with the cutting edge of a system of Real Estate accumulation (if that is your desire) the core of which is non lienable debt.  After your first purchase, you will be on your way to wealth accumulation without using any more of your own $. It doesn’t get better than this. The value of these classes is, in my opinion, inestimable.Can’t believe there’s anybody out there, that has an inkling of this creative approach, would walk away”.
Kay L.

“I feel as though I am never really investing alone” 

I have now attended two rounds of the REcapS sessions and I can definitely say that the classes have accelerated my understanding and knowledge of real estate investing.  Before REcapS, I was attending monthly REIA meet-ups and gaining as much knowledge as I could through on-line sources and by reading books.  I felt though, that I was still yearning for something more.  Because the real estate investing marketplace changes (seemingly) every few months, how do you get and stay current?   Books inform on how to invest in the past, but not necessarily on how to invest today and next week.  Where was the GLUE that held all the gathered information together to help me advance?  Who could I bounce ideas off of and get sound and sage advice in return?
Enter REcapS with Brian, Joe and Terry.  Both Joe and Terry are seasoned, advanced investors and are extremely well-networked.  If they don’t do it themselves, they know someone who does –  due to their large, tried, and seasoned investing network.  They are both advanced in all aspects of the business of real estate investing and are able to convey principles and ideas in easy-to-understand concepts that, if employed by an investor, can improve their confidence and accelerate their profits!  They have put a lot of thought and resources into the composition of the class, for instance, they help to bring out critical nuances in financing that an investor MUST know to achieve higher levels of success.
I should mention that Terry and Joe make a great Power Team addition.   I have e-mailed or called them and have ALWAYS gotten a reply within an hour – usually immediately!  I’ve contacted them from a job site, a hardware store, a title company, and from my home office with a variety of need-to-be-answered-now questions.  Where can you get that kind of assistance?  They are like virtual investor wing-men!!
I feel as though I am never really investing alone, but rather benefiting from a powerful, knowledgeable and always-helpful alliance with Terry and Joe.  Major league baseball players, who are payed millions of dollars a year, have a coach at every other base to help them advance along just four bases.  As complex and ever-changing as real estate investing is, shouldn’t we have a couple of veteran coaches too?
Chris C.
Real Estate Investor
REcapS “Graduate”

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