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Learn how to invest in
Real Estate the REcapS way, as our Partner

Real Estate Investment System based on a split into two Partnerships, Management and Financial.  This system allows for Out of State Investors with strong financial profiles, but little or no time or real estate investment knowledge, to partner with Investors that have the experience & logistics needed for real estate investing.



  • JVPM – In Place Management. Responsible for the everyday management of the investment as well as all research & analysis leading up to an accepted offer and closing.  The JVPM will then manage the LLC that owns the property including rehab for all JVP.
  • JVPC – Out of State Partner Cash Partner. Responsible for the cost of: purchase, rehab and closing of the initial purchase.  All funds will be reimbursed at the time of REFI.  JVPC has no management responsibilities or financial responsibilities after Refinancing takes place.
  • JVPL – Out of State Partner Credit (Loan) Partner. Responsible for any mortgages (refinancing) needed for the property.  Has no Management or Cash responsibilities.



Step #1:  JVPM finds, and analyzes properties that match program profile
Step #2:  JVPM makes offer to seller based on analysis
Step #3:  Offer is accepted
Step #4:  JVPC funds deal & closing takes place, handled by the JVPM.
Step #5:  Rehab is completed by JVPM, and tenant is placed by JVPM.
Step #6:  JVPM Pays all expenses & distributes Cash Flow to Partners (pre-debt)
Step #7:  Property is refinanced by JVPL after required seasoning period
Step #8:  JVPM distributes Cash Back Funds from Refinancing to JVPC equal to their original cash contribution.
Step #9: JVPM distributes Cash Out Funds (funds over and above initial cost) from Refinancing to all Step #10: JVP.
JVPM continues to handle all Management, pay all expenses, & distribute Cash Flow to Partners (after debt)
Step #11:  ….funds from Refinancing are used again on next property, repeating Steps #1 – 10.


One Response to “TurnKey Michigan”

  1. Wilson Pierre-Louis November 25, 2015 at 7:45 pm #

    Great stuff to learn from. I like that approach. When I’m ready to invest, I will give you a strong second thought.

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